Guest Information


We are looking forward to having you as a guest at the Onondaga Golf and Country Club. To help make your visit more enjoyable, we have prepared this card to inform you of Club rules and etiquette.

Smart Technology on personal communication devices – Texting, e-mailing and other non-verbal functions such as accessing calendars, contacts or other information is permitted in the Bar area, Mohawk Room, Seneca Room, locker rooms and Pool area. These devices must be in silent or vibrate mode, must be used in a discreet fashion and in consideration of those around you. The camera function may be used throughout the facility except it is strictly prohibited in any of the Club's locker rooms.

Cell Phones – Calls are permitted only in the designated areas:

Silent or vibrate mode is required on Club premises.


Business Papers - Briefcases and business papers are not allowed in any rooms of the Clubhouse.

Club Charges - All Club charges will be posted to your host's account. No cash transactions are permitted.

Tipping - Tipping of individual employees is not permitted.

Golf Carts - Children and juniors are not permitted to drive carts.

Appearance, Dress Code and Conduct – Members, their families and guests are expected to adhere to appropriate standards of dress and behavior while at the Club. The purpose of a dress code is to ensure that sensible, reasonable standards are maintained on the Club premises. However in general all clothing should be clean, pressed and appropriate. Tank tops, tee shirts, fishnet tops, cut-offs, sweat pants, cargo or other athletic shorts are not permitted. Shirt tails must be tucked inside shorts or slacks.

Denim – Appropriate denim, that which is worn with appropriate cut, is in excellent repair and is consistent in color, is permitted in the Bar and Mohawk Room. Inappropriate denim is denim worn or cut lower that waist level, baring midriff, tattered, frayed, patched or otherwise in disrepair or less than excellent condition.

We hope the weather is good and that you enjoy your day with us.

Board of Directors